I appreciate the full detailed report with the photographs.

I would also like to express how much I appreciated the professionalism and knowledge by our inspector,Gil Matzdorf. Gil displayed a high knowledge and great passion for his position. His information and explanation of things around the home gave a sense of ease in our decision to purchase.

We hope to do business with your company again in the further!
Gary Leeball, buyer.

Thank you for your assistance with our home inspection. We appreciate your prompt and professional service. Your report booklet is easy to read and understand. Your receive an A+ rating from us.

Thanks again,

Special thanks to you for the great home inspection you gave us yesterday. You have helped our family select 2 great homes, one 9 years ago and one six years ago. Your knowledge of the workings of a home is outstanding. We feel like we are walking around with Norm & his team on This Old House. You are prompt, accurate, & have excellent communication skills. We can't thank you enough for giving your time and talents.

The Geer Family


Having received your lengthy report I was very impressed with the detail in which you described every aspect of a working home. Your report will be very helpful in the future.


I want to thank you for a very complete and honest inspection of the home that I was considering buying.

I have always heard "horror Stories" about inspections and inspectors hired by real estate firms; firms with a vested interested in selling the home.. I was concerned before you made the inspection. However, after meeting you and getting the very detailed report; all worries were forgotten. Your report was detailed, and I think accurate. Also your credentials are outstanding.

My concerns proved to be unfounded, and I THANK YOU very much.

It was a pleasure to deal with qualified people of integrity and honesty.

Thank you very much,

I stopped by yesterday and picked up the final report you prepared for us on the business property we have been considering purchasing. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the professionalism you and your crew exhibited during the inspection and throughout the report phase. You did what you said you would do and you did so with in the timeframes, which had been established. You met and exceeded our expectations. For that, I am grateful. Your professional expertise has been a critical element during this, the decision making phase, of this business undertaking. Please feel free to use me as a reference for others who may be taking advantage of your services.

I wish you continued best wishes for your professional undertaking.