For homes up to 1499 square feet$325.00
1500 to 1999 square feet$350.00
2000 to 2499 square feet$375.00
2500 to 2999 square feet$400.00
Over 3000 square feetCall for a quote

These prices are based on "living area" only. However, garages, carports, and porches are inspected also.

Additional Pricing/Services:

Homes 20 years or older$50.00
Multiple stories$50.00
Underfloor crawl space$225.00
4 point insurance survey$200.00
Commercial & Income PropertiesCall for a quote
Horse FarmsCall for a quote

Testing Services:

Radon Testing (Continuous Monitor)$175.00
Mold Testing (Air Samples)$190.00
Water Testing (Bacteria)$67.00
Water Testing (Bacteria - U Take Sample)$27.00
Termite Inspection (Termite)$80.00
FHA Water Testing (Nitrate/Nitrite/Lead/Bacteria)$225.00
Septic Inspection$90.00